Since we are considering our selves to be the leading company in North America (and worldwide) in file and information retrieving services, we want to stand by what we say. Which is why we invite you all to reach out to us, demanding recent examples of our work, while getting in touch with our clients and speaking with them over the phone. 
Talk is cheap, we all know that. So if our work is not satisfying and you do not get the desired results from our highly professional team, we sill send every dollar back, no questions asked. We are more interested in the reputation we are building as time goes on, rather a few extra bucks. We want to believe that we are qualified to earn your business, but most importantly spread the word for our company. We understand that if we satisfy your company and solve your problem, all your connections in similar situations will be asking for our services. Which is why we focus so much on good reputation and maintaining a very good processional and public image for our company. 
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