DB Extractor is a leading tech security and file retrieving company based in California. Even though we operate in the Valley, our clients come from all 50 states and lately we have started to expand worldwide

As successful as one company can be, we work hard every day to extract and retrieve lost files and information important for the reputation of a business. It's easy for an individual to misplace an e-mail and lose some piece of information. But can you imagine the great hustle it can be for an accounting firm that is handling dozens of high paying clients? Can you imagine if financial information is missing and billing information is stolen? We are talking about the shutdown of the business. 

Because of the fact that we live in very strange days and cyber crimes are increasing in numbers (30% of lost files) we decided to set a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals to serve one purpose: protect your online information. We are not the cyber police or cyber insures. We don't even identify our selves as antivirus and malware experts. We are simply your friend when rough times come online. 

But you don't need to wait until disaster strikes, right? Which is why we have been working on preventing such attacks and putting in place un hack-able file sharing platforms so that your employees can work freely and efficiently in interaction with your whole work force. Not only that, but we also make sure we provide easy to use platforms for e-mail auto-storage and information security. Which practically means, that all data exchanged among your employees can be stored in a specific location automatically, without the need of manually saving it there. We are all humans and we can all make mistakes. So if one of the mistakes happen to be that an important client e-mail was accidentally deleted or misplaced and it's not in your possession anymore, we can help prevent that with auto-saving on a separate platform. 

Since everyone is free to brag about their company and talk is cheap (plus who won't toot their own horn?) we invite you to have a look at our great customer satisfaction. Our ratings and feedback have been remarkable and that's why we are pioneers in our industry. There is no tech team like our team. The combination of intelligent working people, intelligent software & computer technology, is what makes us probably the best file saving and perseverance company in North America. As we mentioned earlier, we operate in all 50 states, even though our offices are located in Palo Alto, California.

We are tremendous believers in shopping for the greatest company out there and networking with its company. So that is why we invite you all to reach out to specific clients of ours (that love making referrals) and ask them all about their experience and life saving services we offered. A very good example of such a client was a luxury transportation and limousine services company based in South Carolina. If you are interested in getting some quality information based on their experience, the business threatening danger they faced and the way we tackled it, visit LimoRentalColumbia.com

Briefly let me explain the kind of situation the above business was facing: As you probably know, limousine companies make their living on booking limo gigs for clients. Which means that there is some software involved to keep track of the days a limousine was booked for, the driver that would transport them, the locations that they would be transferred  to and most importantly their billing information (and they type of service the client needed.) Because this limousine business is a very successful one with many limousines and drivers, they are always booked 1-2 months ahead. Especially when holidays approach and people are getting into that funny thirst for luxury, they are extremely busy.  We are not yet sure, but probably some kind of hacker attack went in and deleted all those booking clients. So there goes your phone numbers, their billing information, their names...everything! They heard about us from a mutual friend, and got in touch immediately. We were able to get into the systems, reverse the damage and bring the software back to the date before the attack took place, as a result saving a couple of months worth of business and their reputation. 

And we obviously have many more examples, especially from larger financial institutions that are now increasingly becoming the target of vicious hackers. 

Because of the days we live in and the financial difficulties some business owners face, we are willing to do some free consultation and estimate on your project. We are really interested in learning in depth everything about your digital problem. So we ensure a free upfront estimate of the whole operation by also giving you some basic tips to preserve your private business information. 

We Offer File & Information Retrieving Services For Any Company Or Institution.
  1. Teaching
    Teaching you the basics of file retrieving and recovering techniques to prepare for self-help in future incidents.
  2. File Sharing Software Platform
    Creation of file sharing software platform that will remain anonymous and un hack-able while providing excellent user experience.
  3. File Analysis
    Identifying the type of files in your computer and digital devices, categorizing them and breaking down all information.
  4. Security Alarms
    Implementing security measures and procedures that ensure safe file sharing experiences and inform you of hacking attempts and attacks.
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